The UK technical community is a highly skilled workforce with a diverse range of expertise and roles within engineering, manufacturing and the creative arts; they are a vital part of many employers’ workforce.

Yet the technical profession suffers from a lack of visibility and recognition, and career opportunities are rarely promoted or well known.

Now there is a shortage in the UK of technicians across all sectors with many employers struggling to recruit to technical roles.

To address this, the TALENT programme, University of Derby, University of Nottingham, Derbyshire Festival of Business and Amanda Solloway MP have joined forces to organise TechxFest 2023 and we’re looking for employers of technicians to take part.

For employers

  • Is your organisation a direct employer of technicians?
  • Do you want to inspire the next generation of technical professionals and ensure the UK has the skills to meet demand from emerging sectors?
  • Can you showcase the role of technicians at your company and engage year 9 and 10 pupils?

Learn more in the FAQs below.


Where is TechxFest?2023-08-07T12:37:38+01:00

TechxFest is taking place at Derby Arena, Royal Way, Derby DE24 8JB.

Click here for information on how to find Derby Arena.

What is TechxFest?2023-01-27T14:55:22+00:00

TechxFest is a new event which aims to:

  • support employers to reach young people and recruit to technical roles
  • inspire young people to consider a future technical career path
When is TechxFest?2023-01-27T14:55:27+00:00

Thursday 28 September 2023 at Derby Arena.

What exhibition space is available?2023-03-23T12:08:36+00:00

Exhibition space for stalls are 4m x 3m and includes a 6ft x 2ft table with chairs. This will be clearly marked and numbered so you can find your allocated space on the day.

Are exhibitors charged to be part of TechxFest?2023-01-26T15:15:38+00:00

No, it’s free for exhibitors to attend.

We want to exhibit. What’s next?2023-03-23T12:06:55+00:00

Register your interest and provide us with details through the exhibitor eventbrite here. You will be contacted by the TALENT team to confirm your exhibitor space.

Is car parking available?2023-03-03T10:09:40+00:00

Yes – 1 parking permit is provided per exhibitor and this must be displayed in your vehicle on the day. If you need more permits, please let the organising team know and we will put you in touch with Derby Arena to purchase additional permits.

What is provided as standard for exhibitors?2023-03-03T10:07:27+00:00

Included in each exhibitor stall is:

  • 1 6ft x 2ft table and 2 chairs
  • 1 500W plug socket
  • Free public WiFi
  • 1 parking permit (displayed in your vehicle on the day)
How many children are you expecting to attend?2023-01-26T15:15:38+00:00

TechxFest has capacity to welcome 2000 children from the Midlands.

What if I need more technical/AV equipment?2023-03-03T10:08:10+00:00

You can purchase any additional equipment (e.g. plug sockets, screens) directly from the Derby Arena technical team. The event organisers will provide a link to an online shop for you to request this, if needed.

Is there a break room available for exhibitors?2023-03-03T10:09:04+00:00

Yes, you can access the Club Room which is elusively for exhibitor staff. Bags and coats can be stored here, and refreshments will also be available throughout the day.

What information do exhibitors need to provide?2023-03-03T10:15:27+00:00

Please send your own risk assessment and necessary public liability information to event organisers at MITalent@midlandsinnovation.org.uk.

Please note any electrical items must be PAT tested with an identifiable sticker/label on the item to show this.

When can exhibitors set up and set down stalls?2023-08-07T12:28:42+01:00

Derby Arena will be accessible from 3pm – 5pm on 27th September for exhibitors to set up.

On the day of the event, 28th September, Derby Arena will be accessible from 7.30am.

All exhibitors will need to take down their exhibition stalls straight after the event, 3pm on 28th September.

When do exhibitors need to be present at the event?2023-03-03T10:16:20+00:00

Exhibitors must be at the event for the full day, including both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Will there be an event briefing?2023-03-03T10:16:38+00:00

Yes, on the day of the event there will be an exhibitor event briefing at 9am. Please report to the organising team at this time.

Can I bring marketing materials to the event?2023-03-03T10:16:58+00:00

Yes, exhibitors can bring company banners to display.

I am interested in attending the event as a potential exhibitor for future events, is this possible?2023-05-11T09:02:11+01:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome potential future exhibitors to the event. We are happy to share information and feedback from the 2023 event.

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