Organisations who are exhibiting at TechxFest on 28th September 2023 can find key information about timings, logistics and stall locations here.

Exhibitor manual
Click here to download the TechxFest Exhibitor Manual: a detailed document containing everything you need to know.

Exhibitor stall number

Click here for TechxFest Exhibitor Stall Numbers
Exhibitors ordering extra equipment from Derby Arena will need to know their stall number.

Need additional equipment on the day?

You can purchase any additional equipment (e.g. plug sockets, screens) directly from the Derby Arena technical team.

Click here to view the online shop

Risk assessment template

Click here to download a risk assessment template. All exhibitors are required to supply us with a risk assessment. This template is optional, or you can use your own. The risk assessment deadline is 22nd September.

Networking reception 27th September

Click here for more information

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